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Custom Made

Dilemmart offers “Custom Made” jewelry! Special custom, handmade gifts, for your beloved ones, for your special events… Or for yourself, to indulge yourself… Please contact us to have a “very special gift for a very special person” We design your dream jewelry with love… Just write to us about what you need and we will make your dream jewellery come true!

How we do work on Custom Made Jewelry?
Jewelry designer Esra meets you in person or by a video call, she will try to understand your desire and your taste for the person she will create the special jewelry for. She will share her sketches with you, have discussions on them and then start transferring your dream into reality on her way. You will be notified when your jewelry is ready. You need to be ready to be fascinated with the result!

Just fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you!